Green Roof Inn


Rooms, Cottage & Bungalow - Bungalow

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The Bungalow is also a romantic, selfcontained unit nestled in the lush garden bellow the inn, with flowers and fruit trees protecting its privacy. 

Furnished with a King size bed, the Bungalow is slightly larger than the Cottage.
Equiped with fridge and kettle, en suite bathroom and private ocean view veranda. 

The souterrain design of the Bungalow gives it a natural cool from the ground around.

Daily maid service.

Rate per night including continental breakfast: US$ 150  

All accommodations have fans, mosquito nets and hot/cold water in the en suite bathrooms. 

Prices are in US dollars and subject to 10% VAT
Continental breakfast included in room rate
Wireless DSL - internet available.