Ocean Terrace Restaurant - A Sustainable choice

The Ocean Terrace Restaurant & Bar at the Green Roof Inn
is located on the upstairs veranda over looking the ocean.
Our kitchen is international with predominantly sea food on the menu.

We base our menu on local produce for freshness and quality and we avoid imports as far as possible to support the local economy and ecological sustainability
Characteristic for Green Roof Inn Restaurant is the Scandinavian twist on local produce resulting in creations as the smoked lobster, gravlax baracuda, pickled dorado, sun dried bonito, cured beef tenderloin etc.

Our circular bar that centers the restaurant serves exotic cocktail sundowners and the sunsets are quite extra ordinary from Green Roof Inn, the green flash is not unusual.
Vegetarian options always available!                                      
We take pride in striving towards sustainable tourism and this reflects on our choice of produce in the restaurant with as little imports as possible.
Thank God we are on an island with an abundance of fresh fish and lobster!
We also use local organic beef from happy free range animals where both taste quality exceeds anything imported.

Even though we try to limit our imported goods and only buy local options we do make an effort to have an extensive wine list with high quality wines to acompany our dishes. In  cooperation with local juice makers all our bottles finds a new use and are not discarded as garbage!

Using only recyclable bottles to minimize garbage, separating organic refuse for pig feed and recycling of greywater are some of the meassures taken towards a sustainable practice
The restaurant is open daily for dinners except Mondays

Green Roof Inn; Hillsborough, Carriacou; Grenada, West Indies

E-mail: info@greenroofinn.com; Phone/Fax: +1 (473) 443-6399