About Us

Green Roof Inn is the creation of a Swedish couple, Jonas & Åsa who first came to Carriacou as back packers in 1993. They fell in love with the island and in 1997 they took over a ruin of an old house that they rebuilt with the help of their families to what today is Green Roof Inn, inspired by Scandinavian/Westindian building tradition.

Since the start of this endeavour three children have been born in to the family - Walter, Winston  & Edgar.

Over the years the staff has learned how Åsa & Jonas wants the Inn to run and has thus been able to take charge of most of its operations on all positions from Chef in the Kitchen to Manager of the hotel. This is acomplished through training, sholdering responibility, enjoying mutual respect, exchange of ideas and aknowledging the imoprtance of personal growth at a work place. We raise together or we fall as one. This is all part of the guidelines of sustainable development that has been the aim of this endeavour from the very start. As much as we need to respect ourselves we also need to have tolerance with those different from us, recognise injustices and work for gender equality. We support the local economy while trying to minimise the negative impacts on the social, cultural and natural environment that tourism may have.

Green Roof Inn has developed a stearing document to guide in its operations - The Plan of Action for Sustainable Tourism which can be downloaded by clicking on it.

Green Roof Inn; Hillsborough, Carriacou; Grenada, West Indies

E-mail: info@greenroofinn.com; Phone/Fax: +1 (473) 443-6399