Green Roof Inn

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Green Roof Inn 6

Green Roof Inn is a small hotel located 50 meters from the sea on the island of Carriacou, 20 minutes off Grenada. The Inn has five charming guestrooms with ocean views, two private cottages nestled in the lush beautiful garden and an upstairs restaurant encompassing marvelous sunsets and panoramic ocean views...

We strive to provide personal comfort for our guests while bringing the genuine Caribbean experience. We also make an effort in reducing our impact on the environment while supporting the local and regional economy, this being our interpretation of a sustainable development.

Carriacou is a small island for those who want to relax away from facilities such as night clubs and casinos. Instead this is a place where you can spend hours chatting away with friendly locals in a rum shop, see traditional boat building or hike the scenic roads of the hills, enjoy peaceful deserted beaches, explore the magnificient off shore cays or scuba dive to discover the wonders of the underwater. 
Carriacou is a divers paradise, being an island surrounded by reefs.

For a truly unforgettable vacation off the beaten track, come visit the unspoiled island of Carriacou and stay at the Green Roof Inn!